At Excel Driving Academy, we strive to be the top driving schools in the Greater Vancouver region.  Here are some of the nice things students and parents have said about us..

Jas Q


Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your driving instructions for Liam.  He was very happy and impressed with your lessons.

We will keep you in mind for my other kids – Liam can’t say enough good things about you.

Thank you…

Jas QBCAA - Jan 2017
Marcia S

I needed to have some refresher driving lessons as I had not driven in the almost 8 years that I had been in Canada. I happened to see a lady teaching someone reverse stall parking and took note of the name of the school on her car. I later called, giving a description of the lady; the School was Excel Driving Academy and the lady was Jayne. Thankfully she was able to fit me into her schedule for which I was very grateful as my test was two weeks away!

I found Jayne to be professional, knowledgeable and CALM (and I needed CALM)! Her reverse stall parking is the best! And….. I passed my test!

Thanks Jayne!

Marcia SCoquitlam - July 2016
Tyler P.

My dad I found Excel Driving Academy, by searching online for a driving school. We found that it had good reviews and an A+ rating from the BBB. My instructor Farooq was very patient, calm and clear with his instructions, which helped me pass on my first try. I strongly recommend Excel to anyone.

Tyler P.Pitt Meadows - Oct, 2015
Graham T.

The owner was very accommodating, and Farooq the class 4 license trainer was extremely helpful in the one hour I spent with him, providing me insights/information/guidance immediately before I re-did my class 4 Unrestricted test. (I had failed the road test part a month earlier using another driving school’s vehicle.)

I spent some of that hour familiarizing myself with their passenger van and then about 20 minutes driving it around the road test route area with Farooq before we arrived at the PoCo ICBC. I had failed the road test a month earlier, in part because I didn’t prepare adequately for the driving part of the test (I did pass the pre-trip inspection part, though) and in part because the van I used from the other school was a bit of a beater with a totally inadequate defrost that wouldn’t defog the windows, which proved to be a significant distraction because it poured cats and dogs that day. Excel’s van on the other hand, is almost brand new and feels/performs like a charm. Even though it is longer than the other school’s, it felt like I was driving a car, not a beast. That allowed me to concentrate entirely on the skills and I passed with flying colours.

Graham T.October, 2015

It is without a doubt that I recommend Skip (who was recommended to my by a friend) and Excel Driving Academy.  His profossional approach, friendly and calming demeanour will make any nervous first-time driver comfortable driving and ready for their road test.

NinaBurnaby - Sept, 2015
Lezelle & Courtney
We found Excel Driving Academy to be very professional and focused on good training and preparation.  Skip was a fantastic Instructor making the lessons informative and enjoyable.  My daughter passed her N on the first attempt thanks to the insight, training and skills provided.
We highly recommend EDA!
Lezelle & CourtneyMay, 2015

My daughter Beka Mair through Excel Driving Academy passed her N first time, she had to change instructor and through this got Farooq who with his patience and fabulous teaching skills gave her the confidence to succeed.  I will definitely will use them again and will be recommending especially Farooq to my friends.

SharonPitt Meadows - April, 2015

I started at a different driving school , but all my friends recommend Excel . I switched and passed my test on my first try!
Thank you

NinaCoquitlam - March 2015

Skip is the BEST !

All my friends thought I was hopeless ( as a driver ) but I passed on my first time !!!

I would recommend Excel Driving Academy to EVERYONE ! Just as my friends recommended Skip to me , because they all passed with him.

If you want to learn to drive by the best . GO HERE !

Y’LeniaBurnaby - February 2015

I had taken a few lessons with a local driving school and didn’t find myself learning as much as I thought in the few lessons I had.  I called Excel Driving Academy and my instructor Skip was the best.  After a few lessons with Skip , I felt so confident in my driving I passed my test first time . I would recommend Skip and Excel Driving Academy to everybody who wants to learn to drive and go to a really good driving school.
Thank you do much

AbbiePort Coquitlam - February, 2015
Conner Merlo

Farooq is very professional, and a very good teacher. In my experience he was extremely patient, and I passed my road test on the first try! I definitely recommend him to anyone. Thanks Farooq!

Conner MerloMaple Ridge - February, 2015
Harman Thind

Passed my test first time….. yayyyyy … thanks to Farooq. Excel Driving Academy is great.  I was going to cancel my test because I wasn’t confident enough and wasn’t familiar with the Port Coquitlam  area but Farooq brought my confidence up and assured me that I was doing everything that needs to be done to be safe on the road. I’m super excited to drive now.

Harman Thind Coquitlam, BC - Feburary, 2015
Brandon Dabul-Sanchez

Farooq I appreciate your help for helping me pass my exam. I passed on my first try thanks to you! I will recommend Excel Driving Academy to anyone I know who would like to take lessons for their class 7 or class 5 road test.

Brandon Dabul-Sanchez Port Coquitlam - January, 2015
Jakob Gorrie

For anyone who is seeking to find better driving skills, build confidence, or learn specific stuff on the road I definitely recommend using Excel driving lessons. Farooq walked me through many steps along the way and I have become much better at driving. Passing my N test on the first try no problem and it was fun, thank you Farooq for all of them help!

Jakob Gorrie Maple Ridge - January, 2015
Jonathan Melo

I passed my class 4 unrestricted on the firs try and I give Farooq a perfect score as an instructor. He goes into detail with what is needed to be done and will re-iterate on subjects that are missed to ensure that the student has the tools to succeed not only in the examination, but as well when driving casually. Farooq also instills confidence in his students which in return gives the student a positive vibe regardless of how tense the situation may be. I scored a perfect score on the pre-trip inspection and only recieved 15 demerit points on the driving portion. I wouldn’t only reccomend Farooq but as well reccomend excel driving accademy for any drivers licensing lessons!

Jonathan MeloPort Coquitlam - January, 2015

Woooo just passed!!! Skip is the best driving instructor ever!!!! 😀
I would recommend him , and Excel Driving Academy to anybody learning to drive.

TrinityPort Moody - January, 2015
Shayal Singh

I really liked learning from Excel driving Academy. They were very encouraging and patient. Thank you Farooq for all your help!

Shayal SinghMaple Ridge - January, 2015
Zeeyan Merali

There are few things greater than passing your driving test on the first try. I did, and I have Farooq to thank for that. He is patient, and pays close attention to minor things that could cause you to fail your test. He taught me everything I needed to know quickly and went into details about important things to be wary of whilst on the road. I would definitely recommend his services to everyone I know. Thank you Farooq!

Zeeyan MeraliMaple Ridge - December 2014
Mark Wang

I passed my class 4 unrestricted on the first try. It’s been a pleasure learning from Farooq. He taught me everything I needed to learn quickly with in-depth details. Very detail oriented and knowledgeable, paying close attention making sure everything is perfect, pointing out every minor mistake. Professional and compassionate instructor. I will recommend his services for all classes of driver licenses.

Mark WangVancouver - December 2014
Mary Char-Naborg

I passed the first time, feels great.Thank you so much excel driving school! You guys r d best, very detailed and patient instructor.thank you Farooq. Happy holidays!

Mary Char-NaborgCoquitlam - December 2014
Kuldip Singh

I am fortunate to have Farooq as my driving instructor. I failed twice with different school but third time Farooq’s guidance gave me the success.

Kuldip SinghVancouver - December, 2014

Thank you Excel, I passed my test thanks to Gordon and Skip’s expertise 🙂  I passed the first time, and my examiner thought very highly of my driving school that I chose, because excel students are highly consistent when they come for road tests.

SaraBurnaby - August 2014
Lisa Ladd

I would just like to personally thank Gordon for being such a great instructor. While teaching my daughter, Sophie, he treated her as a peer not a student by talking to her and not at her. He not only taught her the driving guidelines but why they are in place. I am very thankful also for the way that Gordon and Skip went above and beyond for Sophie’s needs on the day of her road test. I would definitely refer the Excel team to people, you were a great find.
Thank you.

Lisa Ladd Vancouver - Janurary, 2014

It is my pleasure to give a recommendation to Excel Driving Academy. When my daughter first got her “L”, she didn’t want driving lessons. She wanted to work with my husband and I to practice her skills and then do the road test. So that is what we did. After a few unsuccessful attempts at passing the road test we realized that she needed a professional teacher to make sure that she was correcting the bad habits that were getting in her way. I contacted Excel Driving Academy and found a couple of things about them that I really liked. First, they didn’t try to oversell their services. I explained our situation and instead of selling us more lessons that we needed, Skip suggested a smaller package that could work for us. If that hadn’t worked, we had the option of adding more lessons to the next package level. Second, the teachers were thorough and friendly and were able to help correct my daughter’s stumbling blocks. She has now successfully passed her test and is driving with an “N”. She found the encouragement from the instructors, along with their knowledge of common errors to be the key she needed to attain success.
Thank you very much to Skip and Elaine at Excel!

KarynPort Coquitlam October, 2013

I took my driving test yesterday and I passed first try! Thank you VENDLA for your knowledge, your explanations, your patience (definitely your patience) and the care you took during our lessons.
We did it!

JuanitaOctober, 2013
Irene T.

” VENDLA is all you need as a driving instructor, especially if you want to pass your driving test on your first try. She is knowledgeable, detailed, patient and explains well the “ins and outs” to pass your driving test. She is very experienced and knows the “blind spots”. You will learn quickly what is required of you.
Thank you VENDLA !”

Irene T. October, 2013
Bev Schmahmann

Elaine, we would like to thank you for your patience and kindness in teaching Justin to drive. I know that he is set for life now in being able to “fly”. I know he enjoyed his lessons with you which went a long way in giving him the confidence he needed to accomplish this.

Bev Schmahmann September, 2013

After being unsatisfied with a different driving instructor, my friend recommended me to Excel Driving Academy. This driving school is extremely knowledgeable and helpful about driving while at the same time, makes the lessons very enjoyable. I highly recommend taking lessons with this company! Thanks so much Skip for all the lessons you have taught me on being a safe and knowledgeable driver!

Diane Christensen - Vice-Principal  & Marcella Huberdeau - Dry Grad Parent Committee

Dear Kind Supporter of Earl Marriott Dry Grad 2013:
On behalf of the students staff and Grad Committee of Earl Marriott Secondary School, we wish to extend a very sincere thank you for your donation to our Dry Grad fundraising for 2013.
Your contribution has made our event hugely successful and also, you have helped us take a big step forward towards making the student Dry Grad a safe and super fun night too! This is fantastic and we are very grateful!
Thank you so much again and we look forward to including you in our newspaper announcement acknowledging your participation!
With very warm regards,


Diane Christensen - Vice-Principal & Marcella Huberdeau - Dry Grad Parent Committee June 28th, 2013
Rachelle Grant

Thank you for your generous support of our After-Grad. The event was extremely successful with over 85% of the grad class attending – the most ever. Enclosed is a photo from the event.
With gratitude,


Rachelle Grant Riverside Secondary School - 2013 After-Grad Chair June 19th, 2013

Hi Elaine! Just wanted to say Thank you for the great lessons!! They made me feel way more confident to take my test, and you prepared me a lot! My parents also say they appreciate it 🙂
I’ll miss our little lessons 🙁 I really enjoyed them!

Janet Klassen

Vendla, Thank you for all your hard work in teaching me to drive!
I wouldn’t have done it with out you.

Thank you

Janet Klassen

I recently took four lessons with your company. My driving instructor was Elaine and she is such a wonderful teacher! She taught me everything I had to know in the mere four lessons I had with her. I learned so much in that time and was able to pass my N test with that knowledge. I would highly recommend excel to any beginning driver. Thank you for everything!

Aaron Caron

Hello Elaine, I am writing to you in response to our driving lessons, to inform you that I was pleased with my experience and the amount I learned and excelled in the short time we practiced, you are a great teacher and I believe I am proof of that because I have my license now and I am a safe and confident driver, you taught me techniques that helped a lot more in comparison to other teachers I have had and I enjoyed driving with you!

Aaron Caron Port Coquitlam

I have had a great experience with Excel Driving Academy. The instructors are so friendly and knowledgable, as well as accommodating for any hectic schedule! I would most definitely recommend Excel to friends and other drivers. I learned so much, and the pricing in comparison to other driving schools is very reasonable!

AleciaPort Moody

Hi Elaine. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me in getting my “N”. You really did a fantastic job in telling and showing me everything I should know, and with so much patience. You really made me feel so relaxed. I’m sure Skip is very happy having you on board as one of his instructors. I would highly recommend Excel Driving Academy to all my friends that must still go thru this stage. Once again, Thank You Very Much Elaine

NicolePort Coquitlam
Patti L

We used Excel Driving Academy to teach our last child to drive. She learned so much and was so confident that she passed the road test the first time! Skip did a great job and gave her the skills she needed to make the right decisions on the road. She has been driving for several months now and I feel confident with her skill level. He taught her to be safe and also what to do in emergency situations. I am thoroughly impressed with the company and the professional way the lessons were taught.
Thanks again Skip for the attention to detail.

Patti L November, 2012
R. H. Theron

My instructor was very thorough and made sure that I knew absolutely everything I may require for the test and for safe driving which meant that I passed the road test the first time.
Skip is very knowledgeable and drew my attention to the things that he knew I would miss, and believe me, there was quite a few. He is very professional, patient and gently corrects and reinforces the rules of the road during instruction.
Thank you for helping me obtain my BC driver’s licence with confidence.

R. H. Theron Port Coquitlam
Dina Whitney

Right now I am so overwhelmed with happiness since yesterday as I passed my road test. Words are not enough to express how grateful I am with my driving instructor Elaine and the Excel Driving Academy. You did not just teach me how to be a good and safe driver, but you taught me how to be confident and believing myself that I can do it.
Thank you so much Elaine.

Dina Whitney
Taylor Lee

I passed my road test, thanks to the instructors at Excel Driving Academy,they were so helpful and taught me lots of things I didn’t know. I felt so relaxed driving with them, it was a great experience, I strongly suggest Excel Driving Academy to anyone trying to get there “N”.

Taylor Lee Coquitlam
Victoria DeVeries

Excellent driving school! Helped me so much to be confident on the road but still cautious. The driving instructor was especially nice; understanding and positive at all times. I’d recommend this driving school to anyone!

Victoria DeVeries Walnut Grove, Langley
Mohamed Kaikai

Hi Elaine, I am only writing to once express my gratitude to you and the Excel Driving Academy. You did a wonderful job with me. Your assurances and the confidence you showed in me enabled me to successfully pass my driving test on first attempt with you as my instructor. I shall from henceforth recommend YOU and Excel Driving Academy to my friends.
Once more I thank you so much.

Mohamed Kaikai
Jessica Cail

Excel driving has by far exceeded my expectations! I finally got my license! Elaine taught me to be a safe driver and how to handle maneuvers properly. One of the most important lessons I learned during my time with excel is to not just rush in order to get my license it matters even after I receive my license- I have to be a safe driver! Thank you for your time and patience!

Jessica Cail
Lorraine (Ryan)

I just wanted to thank you Elaine so much for helping achieve Cameron and Kathryn’s goals of getting their “N” licenses. Both are very happy! (and so am I – 🙂 ) Thanks again,

Lorraine (Ryan)
Derek Shong

I used Excel Driving Academy to prepare for my road test and I really enjoyed learning and also practicing my driving skills. Excel Driving helped me a lot to prepare and pass my road test on the first try. I would recommend these lessons to anyone getting ready for their road test so that you can go in with confidence knowing that you have learned from great instructors and put in the practice time!”

Derek ShongBritish Columbia
Victor Cheung

I’ve just recently got my N and I have only taken 2 and a half lessons from Excel Driving Academy. Although it sounds impossible, I only made 1 mistake on my N test and i passed on my first try. I got recommended to it from my parents and it was the best thing to do. I was so worried that taking the lessons so late before my road test would make it impossible to pass the first try. But I did, surprisingly I also had a great instructor, the type who doesn’t yell, stays calm and makes small talk to you when you take your first lesson to help calm you down while you drive. I recommend asking for Skip, and tryExcel Driving Academy. The best thing was to get Skip for my instructor, at first I was really nervous for my N test, but after a lesson before my test, I basically aced it. I have to give thanks to Skip and the Excel Driving Academy for helping me pass on the first try.

Victor CheungCoquitlam
Kevin Thomas

Hi Skip, I had promised to send in my testimonial and let you know when I posted about my driving licensing experience on my blog. Thanks once again for all your help. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Kevin Thomas Vancouver Ruminations of The Sage
Amir Gheibi

I spent a brief time improving my driving skills with Excel Driving Academy. I was amazed how well my instructor corrected my mistakes so much that i passed my road test with confidence and almost no mistake . With Excel driving academy i didn’t just prepare for my road test, i became a better driver who pays attention to all details and knows how to see -think -do . Thank you for all your help..

Amir Gheibi Port Moody
Kazuyo Pappin

Thank you very much to Excel Driving Academy for teaching our son, Max Pappin. He passed the driving test on Friday last week and has been happily driving since. He even drives to school every day.
Adam and I really appreciate your patience teaching Max. I recommend your driving academy to anybody who is planning to get a driving license. Thank you again.

Kazuyo PappinPort Coquitlam
Vern Radul

I had let my drivers license expire in 1998 and needed to renew it again in 2011 as I needed it for a new business venture. The supportiveness and professionalism of both Skip and Elaine ofExcel Driving Academy were instrumental in guiding me through restoring the driving skills and road sense that ensured me passing the road test the first time through. I can’t recommend them highly enough for anyone who wants to get it right the first time!

Vern Radul Vancouver
Sharon Petrollini

Even my son, who thought he knew it all, admitted that the lessons he received from Excel Driving Academy made him a better driver. Skip was amazing! Excel came highly recommended to me and I would highly recommend them to my friends – In fact, I already have! THANKS SO MUCH!

Sharon Petrollini Burnaby
Maria and Sandro

A Big thank you to Excel Driving Academy for teaching my son to drive! Especially Skip, Who was very supportive,patient and encouraging.He is a fantastic instructor,professional knowledgeable and very nice. My son enjoyed driving with him and passed his driving test on his first try . I definitely recommend Excel Driving Academy….You Will Not Be Disappointed.

Maria and SandroBurnaby

After i took lessons with another driving school , my friend recommended Excel Driving Academy. I found them to be very professional and they helped me so much . They made me feel so confident and my instructor made me feel calm and relaxed when learning to drive . My instructor was great and very patient . I would recommed Excel Driving Academy to anybody looking for a professional driving school. Thank you so much for all your help , i am a safe driver thanks to Excel Driving Academy.


My friend recommended Excel Driving Academy and what a great experience i had learning to drive , not to mention the great prices . The student discounts are really convenient, my dad didn’t mind paying for one or two lessons and i passed !! yay ! My instructor was awesome ,taught me every little thing ! Excel is the way to go. thank you so much.

Suzanna Zeba

My teenage daughter greatly benefited taking lessons with the instructors from Excel Driving Academy. They were fun and knowledgeable. Instructions were clear and very easy to understand. The car was great and the lessons were a success. She was prepared,not only for the road test,which she passed,but also for safe driving where ever she goes. Thank you..

Suzanna Zeba Port Moody
Tanya Schlueter

I just want to say thank you for the instructions that my daughter received. We have a happy driver out there now. Bill was a professional, patient and on the side of the student. My daughter learned a lot in a short period of time under Bill’s instruction. We would recommend Excel Driving Academy to other young drivers on the quest for that all powerful drivers license.

Tanya SchlueterCoquitlam

I came to Excel Driving Academy through a colleague of mine at work and it was the best choice i made for my BC driving license. The specific tips and excellent guidance i received from the instructors at Excel taught me the specific things to look out for and quickly adapt to driving in BC as well as to find success in the driving test. Excel Driving Academy made a significant contribution to the success in getting my license with only a few hours of focused training. Cheers to them!

ChanderNew Westminster

I have utilized Excel Driving Academy for my families driving lesson and road test needs. All lessons have been met with positive success, on time and within my budget. I recommended Excel Driving Academy to friends and relatives and they have all been satisfied equally the same. I have no problem recommending Excel Driving Academy to anyone whom requires driving lesson services.


My driving instructor at Excel Driving Academy was great! Always very patient and full of good advice… I passed my test first time! I’d recommend the Excel Driving Academy to anyone!

Anna Coquitlam

Excel Driving Academy is the best driving school they are very patient and calm and this is the reason I passed the road test my first try

RobertPort Coquitlam